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Gift voucher is an original gift to loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues, business partners & all other wonderful people! It will be appropriate for any occasion and celebration.


We offer two types of vouchers:


Electronic gift voucher is sent by e-mail. Can be accompanied by a telephone notification of the Recipient (on the territory of Ukraine).


Paper gift voucher is packed in an envelope, can be supplemented with your greeting text. It is sent by delivery service or by mail, and is also available for personal purchase in Kiev.


To buy a gift voucher SIMPLY:


•   specify the desired value

•   specify e-mail or postal address of the Recipient

•   specify Recipient's phone number for notification about the gift (if desired, only for Ukraine)

•   enter your message text (if desired)

•   pay voucher`s cost equal to its nominal value.


Make an unforgettable gift!





•   PR Studio LA BEAUTY gift voucher is electronic and / or paper and acts on the Bearer, which means that it can be transferred by the Buyer to third parties;

•   provision of an identity document is not required when purchasing voucher or goods at the price of voucher. At the same time, Bearer should announce all the data used while purchase of voucher by the third party (№, date, name and surname of the person for whom voucher was issued, etc.);

•   purchase of PR Studio LA BEAUTY gift voucher indicates the consent of the Buyer and the Bearer with these Rules;

•   use of the gift voucher implies the exchange of PR Studio LA BEAUTY gift voucher for products / services presented on PR Studio LA BEAUTY website ( for the sum equivalent to the nominal value of voucher;

•   nominal value of voucher is indicated on the voucher itself and is equal to the amount paid for its acquisition;

•   validity of the voucher is one year from the date of its purchase. After the expiration date of voucher, the whole or left sum which was not used during the year is not refunded;

•   gift vouchers are summed up;

•   when choosing products / services with a value less than the nominal value of the voucher(s), the balance which has left can be used to purchase other goods / services at PR Studio LA BEAUTY site only;

•   when choosing products / services, which value exceeds the nominal value of the voucher(s), it is mandatory to pay the difference in cash (in Kiev) or make bank transfer before order fulfilment;

•   gift voucher is not exchangeable for cash.


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